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Form 5709-A: Threat Entity Reporting Template

Copy and Paste the below into your article:

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**Threat ID:** [Threat Designation Here]

**Authorized Response Level:** 0/1/2/3/4/5

**Rules of Engagement:**



**Appendices, Addenda, and Notes:**

Threat ID Guidelines

Threat IDs use the following format:

KUPLS Class - 4 digit ID # - Typology (Informal Designation)


  • KTE-5988-Red ("Hillsborough Beast").
  • UTE-4447-Larkspur ("Sword of Ganelon")
  • LTE-0666-Elohim ("Semitic Sun Deity")

Please contact your branch office for available numeric designations.

Form 3046-AART: After Action Report Template

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Detailed Discussion of the Resolution.

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