GOC Wiki Style Guide

When writing an article for this wiki, please keep the following in mind.

  1. The GOC wiki is in English. Your article will be rejected out of hand if there are glaring grammar, spelling, or style errors.
  2. The tone of the GOC wiki is not the same as the SCP Foundation. SCP articles are creepypasta focusing on the things that go bump in the night, intended to evoke horror, curiosity or fear. The GOC is intended to be more of a techno-thriller focusing on an elite group of individuals who fight back: imagine Tom Clancy or Ian Fleming writing about the supernatural.
  3. Stay grounded in reality as much as possible. Try to evoke real-world technologies, science, and practices.
  4. The GOC is its own setting, separate from but parallel to the SCP Foundation. The two settings do not need to match up perfectly. Don't feel you need to do or include something just because the SCP wiki does so, and don't feel you can't do anything because the SCP wiki doesn't do so.

Style Notes

  • SCP Foundation: When referred to in-universe, the SCP Foundation is always "The Foundation." The GOC never uses the term "SCP."
  • Censoring: The GOC also uses the ██ "blackout" for censoring. Longer blocks of censored text can be marked "[REDACTED]" The GOC never uses the term "[DATA EXPUNGED]". In general, you should only censor the following: dates, times, names, locations, numbers of casualties, and profanity.
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