Emergency Procedure "Pizzicato"

GOC Internal Memo: Procedure Pizzicato

To Be Executed In Case Of: Massive Known Threat Entity (KTE) and Unknown Threat Entity (UTE) Emergence


Procedure Pizzicato is the final Emergency Response Procedure, to be executed in case of Threat Entity Emergence at a massive level. Procedure Pizzicato is to be executed in the following instances.

  • Commencement of any Eschatalogical Event Sequence past the Point of No Return (PNR)
  • Failure by rival agency to maintain containment of their own TEs.
  • Emergence on a worldwide scale of a large number of TEs, past the Disavowment Threshold.

Note that execution of Procedure Pizzicato will, by necessity, result in an irreversible Second Mission (Concealment) failure in order to allow for a First Mission (Survival) success. Third Mission (Protection) goals are secondary: normal avoidance of civilian casualties is to be second priority to maintaining Minimum Repopulation Margin among the survivors.


  • Activate all sleeper units in rival agencies.
  • Alert all allied government agencies and allied government officials.
  • Mobilize all reserve field operatives and operations cells.
  • Publically acknowledge existence of GOC, existence of rival agencies, and existence of Threat Entities.
  • Request for global martial law.
  • Request for protective curfew on all civilians.
  • Liquidate all Response Level 1 (monitor, do not engage) KTE assets.
  • Establish and/or refresh KTE Termination Triage Sequences for all Response Level 2 and 3 entities.
  • Execute Termination Triage Sequences.

Force Authorization

  • Units are authorized to request and/or use any necessary force in execution of Termination Triage Sequences.
  • All restrictions re: NBC weaponry, Memetic Cascade Sequences, and Nanotech Grey Goo items withdrawn.
  • Acceptable Collateral Damage: 90% of worldwide human population.
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