GOC Internal Memo: Procedure Pizzicato

To Be Executed In Case Of: Massive Known Threat Entity (KTE) and Unknown Threat Entity (UTE) Emergence


Procedure Pizzicato is the final Emergency Response Procedure, to be executed in case of Threat Entity Emergence at a massive level. Procedure Pizzicato is to be executed in the following instances.

Commencement of any Eschatalogical Event Sequence past the Point of No Return (PNR)

Failure by rival agency to maintain containment of their own TEs.

Emergence on a worldwide scale of a large number of TEs, past the Disavowment Threshold.

Note that execution of Procedure Pizzicato will, by necessity, result in an irreversible Second Mission (Concealment) failure in order to allow for a First Mission (Survival) success. Third Mission (Protection) goals are secondary: normal avoidance of civilian casualties is to be second priority to maintaining Minimum Repopulation Margin among the survivors.


Activate all sleeper units in rival agencies.
Alert all allied government agencies and allied government officials.
Mobilize all reserve field operatives and operations cells.
Publically acknowledge existence of GOC, existence of rival agencies, and existence of Threat Entities.
Request for global martial law.
Request for protective curfew on all civilians.
Liquidate all Response Level 1 (monitor, do not engage) KTE assets.
Establish and/or refresh KTE Termination Triage Sequences for all Response Level 2 and 3 entities.
Execute Termination Triage Sequences.

Force Authorization

Units are authorized to request and/or use any necessary force in execution of Termination Triage Sequences.
All restrictions re: NBC weaponry, Memetic Cascade Sequences, and Nanotech Grey Goo items withdrawn.
Acceptable Collateral Damage: 90% of worldwide human population.

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