After Action Report - LTE-2913

This report was written by Operative H ("Hammerhead")

We arrived at the area at the designated time. Myself and Operative S ("Sacrilege") were present for the liquidation. Area was Resident C ("Creepyhouse"), where several sightings of KTE-2913 ("Elephant Fungus Ghost") had occurred. The area had been quarantined prior to our arrival, most likely by the organisation known as the "SCP Foundation". Judging by the fungus-covered corpses, their attempt at capturing KTE-2913 has been unsuccessful. The fungus was still growing when we inspected them, suggesting their deaths had been recent. We burned the bodies before 2913 spores could compose themselves into a full manifestation.

Operative S recommended that we leave the area. Naturally, I disagreed, as doing so would show a severe disregard for the local civilian population. After some deliberation, we agreed that I should lead the way into the residence. I proceeded cautiously, but we were not engaged by any manifestations of 2913. However, I did sight one passive 'infant' manifestation across the hall. I successfully liquidated it using a provided fungicide canister.

We then proceeded into the dining room, where several 'calf' manifestations were spreading fungi growth on food that had been left upon evacuation. Several individuals appeared to have been left standing when the fungus had covered their bodies. Once again, Operative S recommended we leave the residence. I refused and instead recommended that we use several fungicide canisters to clear the dining room of all manifestations. We did so.

Upon liquidation, several larger manifestations of 2913 composed themselves and proceeded to engage us. We managed to liquidate three, but Operative S was subdued and killed by a 'bull' manifestation. I managed to escape before I was also subdued, but suffered limited fungus growth to my left hand, making it necessary for three of my fingers to be amputated during decontamination. Luckily, these were not on my good hand, and I will be able to continue in active duty.

As I understand it, all 2913 manifestations were later liquidated through the use of the Secondary Kill Method ("Fungicide Canister.") I am currently on a two-week vacation to recover from the operation.

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